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Son and Garden VS Farmhouse Kitchen

Reviewing the details and differences between Son and Garden and its parent restaurant, Farmhouse Kitchen Thai

With its layers and layers of purple and pink flowers adorning the interior, the iconic light up “Hello Gorgeous” sign, and overall perfectly instagramable background, Son and Garden has become one of the most attractive brunch spots in Downtown Palo Alto since it’s opening in March 2020. However, how does the quality of food and atmosphere compare to its parent restaurant, Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine? 

Farmhouse Kitchen, first established in 2015 through its San Francisco location, was created by Chef Kasem Saengsawang to shed a new light on traditional Thai cuisine. With the goal of transporting customers to the streets of Thailand, Saengsawang focuses on emphasizing adventurous, bold flavors using the freshest ingredients.

Hat Yai Fried Chicken ($33.95): This southern style fried organic chicken thigh served with a potato yellow curry, roti, and blue jasmine rice was a dish filled with diverse textures: crispy, flaky, juicy, soft. Although slightly dry in some parts of the chicken, the slightly sweet and spicy sauce as well as the curry made up for it while adding bursts of savory flavor, leaving me wanting more.

Live Lobster Pad Thai ($43.95): Just like any classic Pad Thai, it had all of the savory, sweet and spicy flavors you would expect. The most prominent part of this dish, and the one most worthy of its high price tag, was the presentation. The bright red lobster head sat atop the mountain of noodles and was adorned with edible flowers, bean  sprouts, and wonton chips that added a nice crunch. Although the plating was out of the ordinary, I’d say the flavor was comparable to the ($17.00) Roost and Roast Pad Thai. 

Mango Sticky Rice ($14.00): The classic, famous thai dessert with creamy, sweet sticky rice topped with sesame seeds and surrounded by ripe mango. Perfectly sweet and with a variety of different textures, this was by far my favorite dish and a great way to end off the meal.

Thai Iced Tea ($6.00): A smooth thai tea with condensed milk topped with a showstopping snow ball was a great way to wash down the savory dishes. Although slightly inconvenient to drink trying to break through the ice with the straw, this drink  

Son and Garden became the newest adventure for Saengsawang focusing on creating aesthetically elegant and colorful breakfast dishes that still incorporate some asian-inspired flare. 

My Son! Burger ($28.00): A grilled wagyu beef patty with the infamous beer belly bacon, caramalized onion and bacon jam, aioli, fried egg, arugula, aand cheese. This ginormous burger has a plethora of components that all meld together to create the perfect sweet, salty, umami bite. The patty was perfectly juicy and tender and nicely complimented with the complex sweetness of the jam. Although messy to eat, this was one of the best burgers I have ever had and definitely worth the price. 

Ricotta Pancakes ($18.00): Light and fluffy ricotta pancakes topped with vanilla pastry cream, house berry jam, fresh fruit, edible flowers, and syrup on the side. Aside from the beautiful, instagram worthy presentation, as someone who does not usually enjoy sugary breakfasts, this had the best balance of sweetness. The tart, fresh fruit compensated for the rich vanilla cream and sticky jam that made these pancakes the perfect bite.

Scrambled Eggs and Chicken Sausage ($10.00): Pillowy scrambled eggs and juicy chicken sausage with sweet jam. This was a simple dish done extremely well, perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned and a great add on to any breakfast. 

Overall, after reviewing the prices and each dish I prefer Son and Garden over Farmhouse Kitchen Thai. Both restaurants had lively, colorful atmospheres and great customer service however, the much higher prices of Farmhouse did not equal to a much better experience food quality wise. I encourage you to try each restaurant for yourself and see which restaurant you prefer! 

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