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Healthy vs Harmful Sunscreens

The chemical makeup of sunscreen is often a second thought when using it in our day-to-day lives during the Summer time. However, a chemical called Oxybenzone in sunscreen is steadily dissolving our coral reefs before our very eyes and Hawaii has taken a step forward addressing this issue.
Hazel Shah May 19, 2019

Over the summer, Paly students branch out across the world on vacation in various exciting locations. However, a hot spot for lots of families is somewhere not too far from home but still a well-known...

Plastic Planet

Chloe Laursen May 19, 2019

Winding through the last of the sharp turns of Highway 17, you’re now only a few short moments away from the iconic Northern California beaches. Windows down, the distinct ocean breeze drifts into the...

The Last Straw

The Last Straw

Fiza Usman, Staff writer May 19, 2019

More people are becoming increasingly aware of and are realizing the severity of climate change. It has become a trend to be more eco-friendly, as social media outlets have had an influx of posts advocating...

C Magazine Tries: Vlogging

Angie Cummings and Gigi Tierney December 18, 2018

Staff writers Angie Cummings and Gigi Tierney see if they have what it takes to film and edit a Youtube quality vlog. Here, they detail an at-school workout that anyone can do during tutorial or their...

Home Café: An Artistic Twist on Lattes

Claire Li, Tamar Ponte, and Mahati Subramaniam December 18, 2018

Light streams into the chattering café, encasing the room in a warm glow. Coffee machines whirl in the background and baristas prepare hundreds of lattés throughout the day. Home Café SF has two locations...

C Magazine Tries: ASMR

Jessica Weiss December 18, 2018


C Magazine's Color of the Month

C Magazine’s Color of the Month

Lia Salvatierra and Grace Rowell December 18, 2018

C Magazine's ‘Color of the Month’ project, created by current Editors-in-chief Grace Rowell and Lia Salvatierra, invites the Paly community to share their experiences, memories and thoughts associated...

Coffee and Art: Sue's Gallery Cafe

Coffee and Art: Sue’s Gallery Cafe

Ellen Chung December 17, 2018

The bustling sound of people chattering wafts through the crisp winter air as I walked to the cafe’s door over browned leaves crunching beneath my feet. People sip coffee in front of their fluffy sweet...

Meet the Staff – Q&A

With 2019 right around the corner, C Magazine will be adding two new members to its staff!
Chloe Laursen December 16, 2018

Kimi Lillios (sophomore) Q: What do you want people to know about you? ( hobbies, interests, etc.) A:  I am a part of the varsity volleyball program at Paly and play competitively year round....

Unheard Gems: David Bowie's Diamond Dogs

Unheard Gems: David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs

Theo Lim-Jisra, Staff Writer December 14, 2018

  Diamond Dogs was David Bowie’s eighth studio album. Released in May 1974, Diamond Dogs is the beginning of David Bowie’s journey into different soundscapes and proves to be one of the...

Humans of Paly

Humans of Paly

Uncovering the stories that make up Paly one by one.
Ashley Guo and Sophie Jacob December 9, 2018
Uncovering the stories that make up Paly one by one.
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Reassess Your FootPRINT

Lia Salvatierra June 1, 2018

Since we were young, the concept of excess paper usage has been villainized at the turn of every page due to its notorious association with environmental degradation. In the Silicon Valley, with access...

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