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Straight outta… Asia?

Hollie Chiao January 18, 2018

What comes to mind when you think of Asian rappers? Is it the dark, mumble rap of Rich Chigga, Keith Ape’s Korean screamo-esque ballads or Honey Cocaine’s traditional rap style reminiscent of Tyga’s...


Darrow Hornik November 7, 2017

miserable. i’m miserable. my stomach feels sick. there’s a pit. or a hole. there’s something that makes me short of breath. and hard of speaking. my eyes become damp. soon to be followed...


Mattie Orloff and Leon Lau November 7, 2017

As the school year begins, the margins of many Palo Alto High School students’ notebooks fill up quickly with sketches as the clock ticks through class. Many unconsciously pick up their pencils and begin...

Pause, Play, Shuffle

An inside look into four Paly music lovers and how their individual tastes brought them to find what they love to listen to.
Claire Moley and Alexis Pisco November 7, 2017

Leela Srinivasan Junior Leela Srinivasan’s generally listened to popular songs she had heard on the radio, until she started taking electric guitar lessons. When she began taking lessons three years...

A New Type of Street Art

Lia Salvatierra, Grace Rowell, and Benjamin Rappeport November 7, 2017

Curious eyes widened and heads turned as surrounding students, startled and confused, watched two freshmen zoom past them on motorized desks, speeding off at 27 miles per hour. It was truly a sight to...

Get Thrifty

Jaime Furlong, Sam Guernsey November 7, 2017

You walk through the shiny front doors of a thrift shop in hopes of discovering a cute tank top, but once you step foot inside you are met with racks and racks of scratchy-looking knit sweaters that...

Photos by Ryan Gwyn

Face the Music

A closer look at the horrific pasts of abusive artists
Gabe Cohen and Charlotte Amsbaugh November 3, 2017

What makes an artist good? Is it their influence on culture? Is it how they brand themselves? Is it who can get the most streams? While all of these factors are important, what makes an artist good is...

1. All My Friends Are Wasted - Snakehips
2. Gold Digger - Kanye West
3. One More Time - Daft Punk

The Soundtrack of Our High School Years

C Mag Class of 2017
Reilly Filter and Sarah Shapiro June 4, 2017

Music is arguably one of the most important parts of growing up. This story features three song selections from every senior on our staff that they felt accurately captured the roller coaster that is high...

Last Hurrah

Last Hurrah

Poems by Teddie Stewart
June 4, 2017

Since this is the last edition I will be able to contribute to CMAG I wanted to write a poem. I have been publishing my poetry since I was a young cubby sophomore, and it felt fitting to write another,...

Minnesota Street Project

Minnesota Street Project

A community of galleries and artists changing San Francisco’s art scene
Nicole Li and Ahana Ganguly June 4, 2017

Deep in the heart of San Francisco’s industrial Dogpatch district, a place of trucks, abandoned warehouses, and construction pollution, a revolution is blooming. On the corner of Minnesota and...

Spilling Ink

Spilling Ink

Julianna Roth and Stan De Martel June 4, 2017

C Magazine sat down with Johnny and Lisa, two tattoo artists, at the Redwood City Tattoo Company. We asked them some questions about their experience becoming tattoo artist and some of their fondest memories. What...

DIY Pins

DIY Pins

Tired of paying $10+ for a measly piece of metal? This is a cheap and fun way to make them at the same quality level!
Yashvi Tibrewal, Atusa Assadi April 19, 2017

Materials Shrink film Acrylic paint Sharpies galore Scissors Hot glue gun Pin backs Method Get inspired: hit up Etsy, Pinterest or unleash your inner Tumblr girl. WARNING: Once you start...

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