C Magazine

Alexa Gwyn
2019-2020 - Staff Writer

2020-2021 - Editor-in-Chief

I joined C Mag because it felt to me as though the magazine went beyond the borders of the glossy pages. The creativity, design, photography, beautiful writing, and out-of-the-box thinking that I saw in the magazine drew me in and I knew I wanted to be a part of something that had the power to be so open and expressive yet also contain such amazing journalistic work. My favorite part about C Mag is the collaborative community. Each individual that writes and designs for this amazing magazine has their own niche and their own strengths that they bring to the table and using those strengths, the staff works to consistently improve and workshop their ideas by collaborating with other members of the C Mag team. We also do it in such a fun way :). I am an outdoor enthusiast. I think redwood trees and the ocean are nature's art. My home is in the outdoors. I am slightly obsessed with coffee and I enjoy laughing uncontrollably and interpretive dancing in my mirror. My hobbies include field hockey, yoga, surfing, skiing, biking, backpacking, reading, and empowering youth. I am interested in social justice and molecular biology and the intersection of STEM and social justice.

Alexa Gwyn, Editor-In-Chief

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